About BMJ Impact Analytics

BMJ Impact Analytics is the most up-to-date and comprehensive tool you can use to track and share the real-world impact of your medical and health research. If you fund, publish or produce research or policy, BMJ Impact Analytics tracks where it’s cited in Clinical Guidance and Health Policy worldwide. 

Developed by BMJ in collaboration with pioneering start-up Overton, BMJ Impact Analytics is the only tool dedicated to health and social care, covering the greatest breadth of key medical sources. It uniquely shows links to patient outcomes (citing decision support tools) and provides your impact in context.

Key features include

  • Intuitive interface – extensively tested with medical funders and medical schools and adapted to how you want to search, find and analyse results
  • Save time and effort with access to citations of your impact in context 
  • Easily track the impact of your open access research, and of policy on policy, white papers and laws
  • Access data on patient outcomes with citation results that include local guidelines and clinical decision support citations
  • Use our advanced analytics functionality to focus on the real-world impact that matters the most to you. Includes: disambiguation pages for authors and institutions, functionality to analyze health policy and clinical guidance separately, identify impact on policy linked to the SDGs, and more. 

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